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My GoFundMe Campaign...

Hello everyone, Just a little update to my GoFundMe campaign as I can't post PDF files to that medium. After returning from the Grey Nuns Hospital today in an attempt to get my stent removed from my kidney and mailing my Cease & Desist…
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Debunking Patrick Ross - Easier than one would think

For the past few days, you can see that Patrick Ross from Lloydminster, SK, has been libeling me on Twitter pretty fiercely. So I'm going to debunk this fool pretty easily to show him how his side of the story doesn't quite match with history. As…

For Dave Beninger

Here's a properly formatted DMCA notice you can serve on The Rebel Media Inc. [Date] Sender Information: [Your name] [Your email] [Your phone number] [Your Adress] [Your address 2] Recipient Information: Attn: DMCA Notice The…
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Trying to find the middle

It's early 2014 and I'm struggling with events that I see unfolding on Twitter and Facebook. Various people I follow and interact with start a mobbing of a CN Rail worker and in the process catch him saying something less than politically correct.…
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Top 10 ways Prime Minister Harper has helped Canada

Here's the T0p 10 ways Prime Minister Stephen Harper has helped Canada: He passed into law, Bill C51, which abolishes every right to privacy for every single Canadian. Thanks Stephie!! Stephie lied to Canadians with regards to the Duffy…
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Secure your online World

Thanks to individuals like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, we know just how far the Governments of this World will go to monitor their citizens under the cloak of Anti-Terrorism. Just days ago, bill C-51 legislation was introduced by…
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Just remember, they don't do this.. shhhh

On December 29, 2014, I was sitting in my office doing some website work for a client when all of a sudden I get attacked by a woman on Twitter with the handle @JJRossi_. I'd never spoken to this woman, ever. Not once. Not even a cursory…
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Alberta By-Elections 2014 - My predictions

The 2014 By-Elections are to take place on October 27, 2014 in the constituencies of Calgary-Elbow, Calgary-Foothills, Calgary-West, and Edmonton-Whitemud. By far, the two most intriguing races are Calgary-Elbow and Calgary-Foothills as Education…

Oh you're different? I'm jealous..

Two weeks ago, I picked up my Daughter from daycare and she was really quiet and withdrawn. Getting in the car I asked what was wrong and she burst out crying because other children at the center made fun of her for having a Uni-brow like her…

The Sheila Gunn Reids of the #CPC attack team

Update: On 02-08-14 I was asked why I “hate” @SheilaGunnReid in a Direct Message on Twitter. The truth is, I don’t. In fact up until the incident below, we followed each other for two years prior. We often agreed on several issues, and…
A Boulder County Caregivers employee holds a handful of marijuana at the dispensary in Boulder, Colo. on Friday, July 24, 2009. Sixteen glass jars of marijuana are lined up behind the counter with names like Skinny Pineapple and Early Pearl Maui, ranging from $375 to $420 an ounce.  It's all legal and it's all taxed. But this marijuana dispensary and nearly 60 others that are serving a growing number of medical marijuana users operate with little oversight by state or local authorities. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

Political Pot. Do you care?

Recently there is much a do about Marijuana legalization, penalties, and the Progressive Conservative Party's view of it being a "gateway" drug. (Personally, I've had a lot of fun with the latter) As someone who has a few Uncles and a Brother…

The Evil Empire

If you knew me at all, you'd know my absolute hate for Walmart. It's more than hate; it's deep seeded loathing on a level that at times embarrasses me. I swear there are times I've seen the "Greeters" sharpening tooth brushes just to stab each…