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I’m pretty sure everyone remembers the war between myself and Sheila Gunn Reid‘s horde of mental midgets over the past few years. It was ridiculous.

Well, oddly, it’s happening again but from the left side of the political spectrum by Twitter users @freakindelight, @hippersons, and @janewordsmith. This goes back to when Miranda Dyck was doxing people on Twitter for donating to Gerald Stanley’s GoFundMe Page after he was acquitted of killing Colton Boushie.

I tried stopping her because she started doxing people who donated to his GoFundMe page and called them racists. That was wrong on many levels. When I pointed this out, @janewordsmith told me to “watch who I was talking to” and proceeded to make me out to be some lunatic. I simply was asking her to stop doxing innocent people. Google “Miranda Dyck & Gerald Stanley” and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Imagine the level of conceit and arrogance it takes to tell someone who’s defending innocent people to watch who you’re talking about. It happened, and I’ve got the screenshots of the tweets to prove it. End result? @janewordsmith had all her little cronies report me for harassment, and we all know it doesn’t take much to get banned from Twitter… my account was banned.

Ok fine. I started back on Twitter as @yeg_nerd and left the situation. Fast forward 9 months to back in December.

As you can see below, after I report a user for conduct and I get the resulting notification, I post it to Twitter. I do this for each and every one, regardless or who it was against. This is where @freakindelight comes in.

I posted one day two notifications; one against @janewordsmith and one against @trumpisMyPrez. Within minutes, Ann Bonney tweets that I’m stalking @janewordsmith. Reporting a tweet of a user you’ve had no interaction with for 9 months is not stalking. Not even close. Well, @janewordsmith‘s little horde, like the one Sheila Gunn Reid has, took to arms and attacked me. Attacked everything from my Parenting ability to my looks.

I defended myself, who wouldn’t? It was a baseless accusation. Again, if you look through the screenshots, you’ll see I’m not making this up. How someone logically gets from a reported tweet to stalking I’ll never know. It simply doesn’t make sense. Again, I defended myself and just blocked the people who were attacking. It was just easier that way.

Then the other day I noticed a tweet in the #ableg hashtag of a tweet from my previous account. The new account was @yeg_slr, and one of the followers was someone named @rkn429. He was one of the people who attacked me over the stalking allegation, and I came to learn he was also @cdnsocialist who attacked way back during the Miranda Dyck incident. As you can see, I reported so many of his tweets he stopped using the account.

So I tweeted out about the new account and thanked @freakindelight and @janewordsmith for bringing this sociopath into my World.

Again, within seconds of my tweet, @freakindelight started in again stating that simply mentioning her name, now get this, is harassment. Logic once again has failed her here. Mentioning a name is not harassment. Reporting a tweet is not stalking. Ann seems to take great issue in everything I say or do. To say she’s a fan is putting it mildly.

Here’s where it goes off the rails in a major way.

@rkn429 admits the @yeg_slr account is his and he apologizes to Ann for dragging her into this. She actually says he’s not the problem, it’s ME!! Somehow, I made @rkn429 create a fake account with the sole purpose of harassing me, and it’s my fault. Again, I have the screenshots, I couldn’t make that up if I tried. @rkn429 then reveals that this is the second time I’ve called him out (remember the @cdnsocialist incidents), and he threatened action. Read the screenshots. You’ll also notice she doesn’t tell him to stop. She’s fine with harassment, as long as it’s her friend doing it to me. Let’s not ignore that. Let’s not ignore that everyone in that thread is fine with it.

Read what I’ve said again. Does any of it make sense? It doesn’t, but many of the people that I used to talk to daily have unfollowed me or admitted that I used to be a great person to follow, but now not so much. If these actions would have been done by Sheila and crew, these same people would be up in arms.

Another user @hippersons has admitted to knowing “several weak ass men who follow him to keep an eye on him”. She’s admitting to knowing people who stalking my online activities but freaks out over my reporting of a tweet. Again, read the screenshots. If you want to see the type of language is used against me, for reporting a tweet, Twitter search “@yeg_nerd @hippersons” and choose latest. Also do “@yeg_nerd @freakindelight“, and last but certainly not least do “@yeg_nerd & @janewordsmith“. You’ll see what I mean.

@hippersons once freaked out because I mentioned a dating preference in a thread, she was involved in. She was told people have preferences all the time, but she insisted mine was misogynistic. Look at the tweets.

Now, you might be asking what I’ve done to deserve all this special attention. I didn’t, as a male, back down when they’ve attacked me. I didn’t “watch who I was talking to”. @hippersons even says “weak ass men she knows” followed me. Each of these women has had a confrontation with me, and I’ve had the audacity to defend myself. I am not a weak ass man. Let me say it again. I’m not a weak ass man that will buckle because @freakindelight, @hippersons, or @janewordsmith attack me. I followed all these people for years until the Miranda Dyck incident. I’m now the bad guy, because I didn’t buckle. And I won’t.

You’ll notice, as I wrote this, @yeg_slr put out some of my best tweets. It’s almost like they want to embarrass me because I’m a single male with a sex drive who loves the female form. Eek! I’m like every other male. I’m not embarrassed by anything that account posts, because I said it, so I defend it.

They can have their fun, but this needed to be written because there’s two factions on Twitter and depending on which side you lean, they’ll attack.

@SheilaGunnReid and the her group of mindless, racist, bigoted, morons.

@Janewordsmith and her gang of completely immoral, illogical, completely ignorant asshats.

Pick one, because you certainly don’t want to be like me and have to defend against both. If you remember, @SheilaGunnReid tried the same thing because I commented on a Miley Cyrus picture. It didn’t work then, it isn’t going to work now.

Addition 1: Since this article was published on January 4, 2019, the @freakindelight account has went into protected mode (usually a sign of mass deletion of tweets) and the @yeg_slr account appears to have been deleted.

Odd how some aren’t willing to be open and honest about their actions like I have been here.

Addition 2: It seems @rkn429 is playing games. The @yeg_slr account is back up this morning since the update earlier. I’ve attached another screenshot of it’s removal earlier today.

Addition 3: The @freakindelight account is out of protected mode and you can see all her incredible illogical tweets on her actual time lime. Start at January 3, 2019 for some entertainment. You will actually see her blame me for one of her friends setting up an account to harass yours truly.

Ann here’s the hint. If I’m doing nothing but minding my own business and your friend sets up an account to harass me, that doesn’t make me paranoid or a narcissist. It verifies that you, and your friends are the problem. Not me. Tying you to the people who attack on your say so isn’t harassment, and reporting a tweet isn’t stalking. All that is your obsession with anything I do.

I respectfully ask that you leave me alone. You admit that I’ve blocked you. Respect it as you tell others to do. Stop playing the victim and realize you are no better than Sheila Gunn Reid and her bigoted base. You’re worse because you use the same tactics and worse. You pretend to be better than The Rebel and Sheila but they’re looking down to you.

Addition 4: I’ve been asked to post a list of people that either unfollowed me or full out blocked me due to @freakindelight‘s freak out. Being they’re sheep, I see no reason not to:


Jay Gamble was a little bit of a surprise due to how he instigates confrontations on Twitter just to have a “Twitter toy” to play with. It’s harassment at it’s finest, but he has an issue with those two report his nonsense, and fails to call out his friends for making up interactions.

Jay said nothing when @freakindelight made the mind numbing statement it’s my fault the sociopath she brought into my World created a fake account to harass me. I’ve had hundreds of comments speaking to how utterly obtuse @freakindelight is and how she’s clearly trying to create a faux rage situation with her friends.

This blog will stay up forever, and I’m going to reach out to as many people as possible too see it. This is disgusting behavior by these people, and since they’re so fond of doxing people, I’m considering doing it to every last one of them.

Food for thought. If you want to try and rip apart my life, get ready for your secrets to be outed. I’m done playing game with a group that will simply not leave me alone.

Now, I did place all the men who unfollowed/blocked me at the bottom so you can see the “weak ass men” @hippersons likes to talk about following me.

Addition 5: It just keeps getting better folks. If you remember, user @rkn429 created the #yeg_slr account purely to harass me all because I called out his old account @cdnsocialist who harassed so many people. Well believe it or not, he’s blaming my little blog for his inability to further harass others. I shit you not.

Now I’m a stalker for defending myself and I’m still to blame for him creating an account simply to harass me. Read @freakindelight tweets to the right; it’s there in black and white. It’s my fault @rkn429 created @yeg_slr to harass me, and he has nothing to apologize for.

These are people I used to call friends. Who needs enemies with friends like this?

Addition 6: Today I find out one of the above people is an alcoholic and one’s just an old, sad, angry man who’s living off CPP because he did nothing with his pathetic life.

Let’s not forget one also had a child removed from their care by child protective services, yet continually criticizes my Parenting skills. These are the people who believe they have the moral high ground on virtually everyone.

They’re such pieces of shit, it only makes sense they portray a completely different life online while attacking people for what they say.

I’m considering giving out the password for the other article about these folks. I would have let this go like I did last March, but these people went out of their way to harass me and then blame me for it. They also attacked my Parenting ability over one of their own harassing me. Maybe I should put up a blog post about all the horrible shit you’ve done in your life. Oh wait, I did. Time for everyone to get exposed. As I said, I’m tired of this crap. Want proof I’m not interacting? He’s asking to speak to me…

Calls me a stalker, and says I don’t have the nerve to report him. This isn’t a game. This is my reputation you morons are trying to ruin, over what? I called you out as @cdnsocialist and other accounts? It pissed you that bad sitting alone at home that you had to create @yeg_slr to harass me, and call my tweet racist.

Here’s the thing, it wasn’t racist. I never once brought up skin color. Not once. I simply stated that had I been an RCMP officer on scene in Elsipogtog when the protesters lit cars on fire, I would have responded with real bullets, not fake ones. Again, I never mention race, skin color.. anywhere. But it’s “racist”.

I tweeted that out because as long as a protect is peaceful under the law, I will fight for their right to protest all day long. The second it starts to take advantage of people (like the stupid truck rally. How are they going to refund all the people from in person events that donated hard cash in buckets? Where’d that money go?”) financially, physically, or emotionally, I’ll actively work to help shut you down.

Violence is never the answer, from both sides.

Addition 7: It’s staggering @rkn429 is still harassing me from behind the @yeg_slr account. We all know he operates it, and we all see that I have _zero_ interaction with that group of people. Why is it continuing? There’s no reason, other than he’s an old, bitter, broke, piece of shit. That’s all I can come up with. And here’s proof:

Here’s the kicker.. he admonishes the very behavior he’s using to harass me:

It’s the same thing he’s using @yeg_slr for. As you can see, I’m not embarrassed about what that account says I’ve said. I said it. I explained it then and above. The moment protesters turns to violence, especially violence against law enforcement, they stop being protesters and become criminals. I won’t apologize for my opinion on the matter. At no time was race a factor in my comment. Not all protesters were indigenous.

As you can see, this is what I’m dealing with because I reported a tweet and posted it. @rkn429 said no one should do that.. oh wait..

I think what he meant was not to do it to those he supports and is a lap dog for. He hates me because I take a stand and defend myself. Oh, and if you notice the @yeg_slr account is now following anyone I interact with, so give me a follow and you’ll get two in return! WIN WIN!