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Edit 10-04-17

Here is Patrick Ross’ latest tempt at humour.

First off, the domain was never held by my company. It was bought and sold privately. I also can’t be help liable for comments made by a third party. Also, make note he now wants $400,000 in damages, when he has zero assets. He’s still in bankruptcy. Good lord. Time to end this charade.

Edit 08-30-17

It’s with great pleasure to post my Statement of Defense. This has been sent to Patrick Ross.

Edit 08-04-17

Today I was served with a Statement of Claim by Patrick Ross where he’s suing me for $100,000. Since this is a public document, I’ll post it here for everyone to read.

This is Patrick’s initial Notice of Libel where he took issue with something I said. I complied with this letter.

As you can see, since June 6, 2017, Patrick Ross has talked about me on Twitter 192 (daily tweets will be added, and I won’t be talking about him on Twitter) times. That’s more than 3 tweets/day. Most state I tweeted a threat in which he’s determined was towards Derek Fildebrandt, which I never did. Not once. I never mentioned Derek. He’s flat out accused me of it 132 times since June 6, 2017. Patrick has also stated that I would need to sexual assault (roofie) his girlfriend to sleep with her. He states she said it, but it was through his account, which he is responsible for 100% of the content as per the Twitter Terms of Service that he agreed to, to use the service.reviously removed the content that upset him, and posted my apology. This of course was more than satisfactory, but not in Patrick’s eyes. He just said on Twitter that I never made an apology, and apologies tend to feature the words “sorry” and “apologize:

Well, here’s my letter:

You can clearly see at the end of the very first paragraph the words “I’m sorry”. It’s there plain as day and that _all_ that is required by law. So not only is today’s Statement of Claim laughable, it shows his to be vexatious. He filed after I complied. He then continued to libel me, stating the apology wasn’t good enough, and accused me of dressing in women’s clothing. You’ll notice that he’s also tagging everything in #ableg and #abpoli. This is just bringing more attention to his harassment and libel of me to a broader audience, as he accused me of in his Statement of Claim.

I retracted my statement due to the continued harassment by Patrick, essentially proving my opinion of the man from dealing with him for over two years. Let’s not forget that I in fact sued him for libel last year. Here’s some of his work:

If you read Patrick’s Statement of Claim, you’ll see he’s doing this because of his mental health, yet has harassed me for 2 fucking years. What about MY mental health? I’m quite open about it. He’s referred to me as “crazy” many times, but he took issue by me referencing how he looked when we met. Here you can see I even tried to show compassion to him:

All I can say is this is going to be interesting, because not only will I file a defense, unlike his previous legal dealings, I’m counter suing. I wanted this Patrick. I should have never let you off the hook last time. That was my mistake and I never make the same one twice.