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Update 3: Max is back at it again. Horseshit accusations. No proof. She’s circling the drain on her sanity with #PTSD. She’s admitted as much.

She thinks I need duplicate accounts to follow what she says, but because she’s so nice to use my full name and even went as far as posting in the #PeterSkinner hashtag, a simple Google Alert seems to have me living in her head rent free. That sounds brutal, but frankly I have zero sympathy for this woman. I’ve told her on no less than 50 occasions that I don’t have multiple accounts to “stalk her”. She questioned my technical ability, but couldn’t see how a simple took alert showed me all the bullshit she says about me. I will of course be posting proof of all this. Unlike her.

Where’s the proof of these dupe accounts? When was I paid for doxing? The tweets she attached there, well, didn’t show anything of doxing. In fact, all her postings are all over the place which frankly has me worried. She’s crashing. Hard. If you look below, you’ll see where I called out a GoFundMe for the scam it was. The beneficiary,  Rob Newell (@RKN429),  who was so scared for his life that he needed to “permanently disappear because a woman asked him his Twitter handle. I shit you not. If you look on Twitter, he’s not hiding. In fact, he’s went back to his old ways thanks to your’s truly killing his GoFundMe.

Here’s the filters that enabled me to see all the crap from Max Kingsley and Rob Newell:


Max doesn’t like this blog. She references it all the time. I haven’t made any changes to it in a while, but she says “He’s constantly blogging about me!”. No I’m not. I share my own blog on social media, like literally every blogger on the planet, but when I do it, it’s harassment.

Here’s a great example:

Doesn’t say which account is trying to stop donations to an autistic mother & child in need of help, but she’s sure I’m causing the problem. I don’t care, I really don’t. It looks like an up & up GoFundMe to help a local Moncton woman out. If you can help out, please do.

Today however, Max crossed a line as you can see above. She went after my business for no reason. If you looked up my business, you’d find I’m not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. I have an A+ rating, 0 complaints in the last 12 months, and 1 in the past 3 years. I’ve been in business for 17 years, and have had a grand total of 2 BBB complaints. I answered both to the best of my ability and both times I was found to be in the right. I document everything in case stuff like this arises.

Why would I pay $800/year to a company that has zero upside when I have outstanding customer service? You can tell Max Kingsley has never run a business or has done a cost analysis of a business.

Since Ms. Kingsley wishes to perpetuate the lie that I’m doxing people, I’m going to actually dox 8 people who insist on propagating her lies. If they think it’s fine for her to tear my life apart, I can only assume they won’t have issues when I do the same in a new blog post I’m writing. They’re all part of her “crew”. They are as follows:

2 surprise folks who like to state they’re untraceable.

The new post should be up later tonight or early tomorrow morning. I’m going complete scorched earth on them. I’ve had enough of this. Last straw was going after my business yet again. I’m not just posting the data here. It will be available for every single Conservative forum, agency, or frankly anyone who’s as tired of being smeared by these people. Also, no need to pay like Max states I’m doing. This will all be on the house.

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Update 2:

I’ve spoken with the Ontario Disability Supports Program about the fraud report I sent in via their online system yesterday. They confirmed receipt of my information and gave me an email to send further evidence. Yesterday I picked up a statement form from the RCMP, and I’m dropping it off later this afternoon. As I previous wrote here, I contacted the Ontario Provincial Police and the RCMP regarding the matter.

As I continue to highlight what these people have done, more individuals are coming forward with stories of employers being contacted by these people and friends because someone something against Justin Trudeau or Rachel Notley. Imagine attempting to get someone terminated from their careers for a political opinion on Twitter. Imagine if everyone did this; no one would be employed. These are lines that get crossed and way past the norms of disagreements. Look at the few tweets I’ve put to the right. Those are disgusting comments.

However, just like the #METOO movement, once you shine a light on bad behavior, everyone comes out of the darkness to share their stories. Over 200 people have contacted me privately on Twitter and the contact form on this site, and I imagine more and more will in the future. I urge people to speak up and post their stories under the #cpc #onpoli #cdnpoli hashtags on any social medium. Let’s end this type of behavior, no matter who’s side you’re on. Left, right.. on the fence. Don’t just take online abuse. Fight it, report it, share it. Or contact me, and I’ll post it here with your proof. Let’s make it awkward for everyone who behaves like this.


This is the information I gathered after asking on Twitter for information from users who’ve been attacked, harassed, and libeled on the platform by @ArthurAtkinson0, @Rkn429, and @MaxKingsleyEh. It’s troubling to say the least. What I originally called a grift/scam, is actually fraud. 100% unadulterated fraud.

Rob Newell (@rkn429, see below how he leaked his own identity) had a GoFundMe started, and approved by him, by his good friend @MaxKingsleyEh for $4000 to “permanently hide and relocate him” because a woman asked him his Twitter name.

I think we all know how dangerous his job is, and despite the danger his work exposes him to, @rkn429 has selflessly protected us all these years, never once asking our online community for our help.

And now our enemies have tracked down @rkn429. Not only is his safety in jeopardy but this puts the safety of his family, his kids and his grandkids at great risk too.

@rkn429 urgently needs your help to relocate to protect himself and his family.

His cover has been blown. They know his name. They know his face. They know where he lives. Recently he was in a public space with a family member when a woman approached him and asked him if he is @rkn429. There is no doubt that he has to relocate somewhere safe. He can’t go for a little while. He’s gotta hide permanently.

I was alerted to the GoFundMe by one of my followers who donated to it, but started to feel suspicious. What made her suspicious was this line:

The money will be received by a third-party (who wants to remain anonymous) and will be given directly to @rkn429 to be spent as listed above.

I started asking questions and was met with some serious resistance. All in all, 87 people attacked me because the three people named in this post were telling people I was a mentally ill, incel pedophile, who lived with his mother, who was stalking them. Oddly, I was only doing the same as they were, but I was called a stalker.

Here’s why all the above matters. Rob Newell receives benefits from the Ontario Disability Support Program. Under this program, Mr. Newell is required to claim any money from employment or given to him. Above, as @MaxKingsleyEh states, he has a dangerous job. What job would that be? He certainly hasn’t told ODSP about the money he makes off his photography, so it makes sense this GoFundMe was set up in a way they wouldn’t be able to trace it back to him. No one used their real names, and a third party is accepting the money for him so it never hits his bank account. This is fraud.

I originally called this fraudulent action a grift/scam, and it is. It’s scamming thousands of dollars in disability benefits, and now his friends for money. These people went as far as convincing people I was mentally ill because I was questioning them. They attacked anyone who dared retweet or like anything I put out on the platform. But why? Why is $4000 so important? Why go to such lengths to cover it up?

Well, we know now. It’s a scam, and it’s criminal. Thankfully Rob, @rkn429, called me a pedophile for asking questions, so it made it extremely easy to speak to the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (who would like me to attend a local detachment to write a statement in the morning). I will also be reporting it to the Ontario Disability Support Program online, and Monday via telephone call. Being who these people are, I’ve recorded as much information as I could, because I have no doubt they will start deleting everything once I post this.

They’ve essentially made everyone who donated to his GoFundMe a coconspirator in this little venture. You have to remember, some of the people who attacked me, also donated to it.

I’m going to post the names of everyone who attacked me or had something snide to say regarding this. These the “political left” on Twitter. They attack people daily for simply disagreeing with them, or sharing an opinion they don’t like. These are Justin Trudeau’s defenders. These people hide because they say incredibly disgusting things to people, so I’m going to make all their information available to anyone who can prove they were libeled by these three. Anonymity doesn’t guarantee you no consequences. Three people are about to find that out the hard way.

Before anyone (I’m looking at you @MaxKingsleyEh) tries to spin that I doxed someone, as you can see from the screenshots, Rob outed his identity on Twitter with his online paper.

If anyone were to take a cursory look, it links to his Instagram page and other social media accounts. A simple good search confirms he lives in the city I confirmed with police that he has _not_ inquired about protection from the people he needs to “permanently hide” from because someone simply asked him if he was a certain Twitter user. Not his real name; his Twitter name and he inferred that his life was in mortal danger.

He talks like he’s in a war, and his followers use terms like “infiltrating us”, which is just odd.

Now, he’s been offered several locations to disappear to, but has rejected them all. Now it’s been stated he claims he testified against a paedophile ring that yielded 5 and 7 yr sentences, but no one can find a single article for any place he lived in the last 4 years.

If you read the below GoFundMe account, this is a man in mortal danger, yet he just posted his real identity online as you can see. I won’t link to his GoFundMe page because I don’t believe a word this guy says. Remember he’s admitted to starting the @yeg_slr account to harass me.

This delightful fellow also called me a paedophile online and was supported by his disgusting friends. He’s also doxed several people, while complaining about those trying to find him. Doesn’t seem wise right? Please don’t donate to his GoFundMe, because it’s my opinion it’s a grift/scam/fraud. This is a man who aggrandizes everything he does on Twitter and thinks he’s owns a hashtag called #bonfireoftrolls. He labels anyone he disagrees with as a troll and get everyone he knows to block them. Then he makes all that users friends unfriend him, trying to put them on an island. I can prove it. He just did it to me the other day.

I’ll post a screenshot below of the ridiculous GoFundMe and you can read for a good laugh. It really is. Question it at your own peril because these morons try and “ratio” you so you’re battling so many people you can’t keep track, and then they try to get you removed. You’ll notice, I still haven’t outed his identity or location. I’m simply linking to his own material. Try to spin this one asshats.