Derek Fildebrandt – Leadership material?

Over a week ago, I served the Wildrose Party and Derek Fildebrandt with a Notice of Libel for the material below. Derek Fildebrandt stated that I threatened to “violently” run him off the road if he was driving the debt clock around. This is 100% false, and at no time did I ever make such a statement.

What I originally stated was:

As you can see, at no time did I ever mention Derek Fildebrandt. You’ll also notice that my original statement was made 3 years ago. Recently, I’ve been asking Mr. Derek Fildebrandt to apologize for some tweets where he stated I was “not well” after I posted some memes of him winning his seat in 2015. His reply, was to use his constituency office to further attack me. This poses serious issues for the Wildrose Party and Derek Fildebrandt.

First, Derek Fildebrandt has used Alberta Legislature resources to attack a citizen. This could be construed as a tactic to silence me, which would be a violation of my Charter Rights. It also makes his constituency office, the Wildrose Party, and the Alberta Legislature libel for damages.

Second, the Wildrose Party is already facing another defamation suit by David Xiao, and it’s my understanding that Mr. Xiao’s case is proceeding to trial. Is this the legacy the Wildrose Party wants to leave while trying to unify Conservative voters in Alberta? Maybe. Only time will tell.

Last week, I served the following Notices of Libel on the Wildrose Party, Derek Fildebrandt, his office, and Party Leader Brian Jean:

Derek Fildebrandt Cease And Decist


Derek Fildebrandt Office Cease And Decist

Since that time, I’ve haven’t heard anything back from Mr. Fildebrandt’s office, the Wildrose Party,  or Mr. Jean.

Today, I instructed my lawyer to draw up a letter to send to Speaker Bob Wanner’s office, as this is also a Legislature issue, due to a constituency being involved.

On Monday morning, June 26, 2017, I’ve instructed my lawyer to file Statement of Claims against Derek Fildebrandt, The Strathmore/Brooks Constituency Association and it’s staff, and the Wildrose Party. I feel I have no  option as I only requested the offending material be removed and an apology made. This is apparently too much to ask for from an elected official, his constituency association, and his Party.

This is what Albertan’s should expect if Mr. Fildebrandt should he win as United Conservative Party Leader, and the 2019 election.

This is the person that will be Premier if all that happens, and is why I’m voting against Unity, and so should you. We deserve better from our elected officials.